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What is it?

What is Macrobiotics?

Macrobiotics is a lifestyle that emphasizes the balance, harmony and well-being of the human being. It’s an exciting fusion of the eastern and western cultures, allowing to reach, not only an effective solution for health problems, but also to provide guidelines for physical health and emotional and spiritual well-being.

Meaning of the phrase – Living the Big Life

The word Macrobiotics derives from the Greek “macro” (big) and “bios” (life) and it not only means (big life), but also the ability to live it in grandiose and magnificent way. Food plays an essential part, because it provides the necessary health to enjoy our surroundings. It’s represented by a symbol that defines a state of balance, making clear that nothing is 100% Yin or 100% Yang. According to Macrobiotics it’s this dynamics Yin-Yang that nourishes our body, and not just calories. The concept of balance has a major importance in macrobiotics, and for this reason is suggested the consumption of seasonal foods, to be in consonance with Nature.


Macrobiotics is practiced from an initial discipline, with the goal of providing, through re-education of the body, the means to free oneself of bad habits, addictions and conditionings widely imposed by a consumer society. The practice of Macrobiotics includes varied forms of exercise, such as Chi Kung, Yoga and Dance. It is also fundamental emotional and artistic development, as well as the ongoing study and daily self-reflection. Besides health, the ultimate purpose of the macrobiotic practice is the development of consciousness to achieve the supreme state of Freedom, in flow with the Universe.


Nowadays is known that most of the illnesses are caused by unbalances in our lives and daily diet, and that by changing culinary principles, behaviours and life style, we can further healing. By practicing this diet is supposed to evolve throughout seven levels. The first beginner levels are about, basically, eliminating excess Yin or Yang foods and maintain the preferential consumption of more balanced foods. Foods are also grouped according to their energy, being advised their consumption according to the personal needs, health, age and gender.

Seven Factors to describe Macrobiotics:

1. Develop the ability to think for ourselves with creativity and judgement
2. Develop discernment and make healthy decisions using Yin-Yang and the Five Transformations
3. An ongoing, and life long, educational process shared with others
4. The goal of living a full life and making our dreams come true
5. Integral development of life, physical, mental and emotionally
6. To live knowing that we are part of what surrounds us, in a way to live in harmony with nature
7. Create a philosophy of life that includes our own ideology, social consciousness, spiritual consciousness and love


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