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The macrobiotic diet is based on the matching of traditional healthy foods, that are fresh vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruit, nuts, seeds, pckles, fermented, herbs, condiments, seeweed and tea. Each individual is unique and understands what are the best foods for their health, based on the macrobiotic principles. Some thrive on a vegan macrobiotic diet, while others choose to include some animal products. Macrobiotics is an open, flexible and adaptable approach, that respects the needs of each individual and it includes and wide variety of foods, some only used on social events and special occasions.

Food Selection

Prioritaze foods that are locally grown and are adpated to the climate, through centuries, or that come form regions with similar climate. Prefer perishable foods, locally grown and seasonal, grown close to where you live and, if possible, organic or with the least amount chemicals. Our food choices have an impact in society and in the environment.

Natural Preparation

Choose methods of preparation, preservation and cooking techiniques as natural as possible, to enhance the flavour and the quality of the ingredients, and to make the nutrients more digestable. Cooking is an ability that can help develop your senses and gain emotional satisfaction with every meal.

How to Eat

It’s not only the preparation and selections of foods that is important. It is also fundamental the way we eat and the rhythm of meals. Meals on regular times promote health and well-being. We should eat, on average, three meals. We have a biological clock where each of the twelve meridians is active por two hours a day. We shouldn’t eat after 8pm and we should wait three hours, after the last meal of the day, before going to bed. While eating we should chew every bite at least 50 times and be in pleasant company. Never watch TV and eat at the same time, aways eat sitting and never standing.

Ecology and Diet

The way we eat has a great impact not only inside our body, inside ecology, but also in the environment, external ecology. A diet based on animal products is extremely damaging to the environment due to the resources needed, such as land, water and others. On the other hand, body and nature are not separated, and what we do to the environment affects us greatly. The destruction of the environment causes all kinds of health problems to the human being.
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