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The main goal of Macrobiotics is to strengthen personal health and develop human consciousness. Personal growth will create fairer societies and in balance with nature. The result is a world of peace.  We are going to describe some principles and values that we should have present in our daily life to walk towards this goal.

Develop love for life, enjoy the best of each moment and be grateful for everything that happens, being an apparent positive or negative situation. Being able to face each experience as an opportunity for growth. 

One grain, Ten thousand grains
In nature, a seed transforms into a plant that yields many other seeds, therefore giving back and increasing. This idea is a metaphor so that we have, continuously, acts of generosity towards others in all aspects of life, giving more than what we receive.

Learn to accept people as they are and appreciate the life path of every individual. Strive to create honest and positive relationships, that fulfil the highest values and ethics in life.

Everything changes
By embracing change, the human being grows. The macrobiotic living is a way of creating beneficial changes in life, evolving through experience and with the planet’s evolution.

The ability to see life from a bigger perspective, more objective and with less critical judgement. Living with the conscious of self helps acquire health.

It’s an integral part of health, based in the inner knowledge that arises from the direct connection with nature and life’s higher plans.

Individual Responsibility
Being able to decide about life and health is one of the first steps to personal empowerment, this shapes a creative and constructive approach of life.

Living with curiosity
Learning to think for oneself. Macrobiotic education includes asking questions and develop curiosity, to help explore life in a deeper manner.

Beginners mind
Live with a beginner’s mind, open to new and refreshing ideas. Being ready to experience these ideas. Study traditional cultures that achieved health, longevity and harmony with nature.

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