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Macrobiotic Approach to health

The concept of health has changed throughout time. There are definitions stricter and others broader. For many the notion of health is intimately linked to not having unwanted symptoms, in other words the absence of disease. This was the initial modern definition. In 1948 the World Health Organization completely changed the concept of health, interconnecting health and the concept of physical, mental and social well-being.

Macrobiotics probably has the broadest concept of health. Health is the ability for the human being to express its potential based on personal development. It is intimately connected to the concept of freedom, the last state of conscious development. The healthier we are, the freer we are. Macrobiotics diagnosis the health of an individual using the seven conditions of health.  

The Seven Conditions of Health

1. Vitality, exercise and energy levels
2. Healthy and natural eating, consciously chosen
3. Regular, deep and restful sleep
4. Good memory
5. Healthy emotions and better stress and anxiety management
6. Positive thinking
7. Appreciation for every moment of life
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