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Order of the Universe

Order of the Universe

Wuji and Taiji: the macrobiotic philosophy or “Tao” is based in what is called the “Order of the Universe”. According to eastern thinking there are two worlds, the world of the Absolute, named Wujim, and the world of the Relative, Tai Ji. Wuji is the transcendental expansion, the infinite, something you can’t describe by words and that some describe as God. It’s our primordial essence. From transcendental expansion is created an outgrowth where a separation occurs and polarity is born, that in the middle east is identified as Yin and Yang. Tai Ji, the relative world, that we know through our senses, manifests itself in six stages, from which Yin and Yang is the first.  

The Unifying Principle of YIN-YANG

Being the first phase of Tai Ji manifestation (Tai Kyoku in japonese) ilustra a unidade e a diversidade de todos os fenómenos, as ligações e a direção relativa de todas as coisas. Yin ou yang não podem existir ou ser definidos sem o seu par. Eles são termos relativos, significando que algo é mais Yin ou mais Yang sempre relativamente a outro fenómeno. Opostos, tais como tempo e espaço, homem e mulher, atividade e recetividade ou dia e noite, completam-se, complementam-se e transformam-se um no outro. O diferencial criado pela polaridade dá origem à energia que se manifesta em cinco transformações.

Five Transformations

Energy can be characterized in five stages accordingly, for example, with the four seasons plus the centre, or the stage of transformation.  There is the Tree Transformation, element of Spring, the Fire Transformation, element of Summer, the Metal Transformation, element of Autumn and the Water Transformation, element of Winter. Connecting each of these transformations, there is the Soil stage or a stage of change. The five transformations gave rise to the Wu Xing theory, which is one of the essential principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and every eastern art.

Spiral of Spiritualization

The Taiji manifests in the shape of a spiral of contraction, a centripetal tendency. After yin-yang and energy comes the world of particles which originates the elements. The elements are the mineral kingdom that originates the vegetable world, and this is the foundation of the animal kingdom with Men in the centre.  
Spiral of Spiritualization: To the spiral of centripetal nature that materializes the universe and originates Man, follows a spiral of opposite nature, of expansion and spiritualization. This journey back to the infinite happens in six phases that are called the six stages of consciousness development. These six stages or levels of consciousness are: 

1. Mechanical level the goal is purerly functional. In this stage is developed for example physical strength, movement coordination and every automatic processes of the human body.
2. Sensory level where desire develops. In this stage we learn to appreciate life and how to use all five senses.
3. Emotional level where we look for love. The goal is to being able to emotionally connect with others in a healthy way.
4. Intelectual level where we want to discover the truth. In this stage we develop the intelectual and conceptual ability. The mind develops in a continous process.
5. Social level where we search peace . in this stage the consciousness as family, group or nation increases.
6. Philosophical level where we want to give meaning to universal justice amd understand the opposites.
7. Supreme level when we understand the concept of universal justice, the supreme  state of “Freedom”  is reached and the return to Wuji, that some religions name as nirvana, satori ou state of grace.
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